Example Post

This is an example of what your blog could look like.

Pictures (and video) can be added in anywhere:

With captions if needed!

With captions if needed!

Perfect for writing about what ever!

I thought you liked quotes, so there’s even something for you to plug those in...
— Josh Beaudette

You could even do a plug to a certain wine in our online store.  They could add items to their cart straight from the blog.  Alternatively, it would be easy enough to link to the store.

For example, for something like Drink Pink you could talk about why it's special, how the idea came about, etc. and have it right here for sale.

Add To Cart

Lots of choices to display pics, so you can get as visual as you'd like.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure it would be easy to set it up where when you do a blog post it could automatically post to your personal or business Facebook.