In the Distillery - Showcasing the Spirits

cheers 5th edition extended tirage

For the past few weeks, we have spent the majority of our time in the vineyard.  Harvest is fast approaching, and there is always much work to be done as we near the end of the growing season.  But that does not mean we can put all other tasks on hold.  Wine processing and distilling continue, and we just accomplished a milestone in the distillery that we have been working toward for two years.  Being a craft distiller, our batches are small and up until very recently, all finished spirits were bottled in 375ml bottles.  We now have enough volume to go into 750ml bottles which is the industry standard. The high quality of the spirits is the same, and we can offer more bang for the buck in the larger format bottles.

Sparkling wine aging at l mawby

So we can talk all day about our spirits being "hand crafted" and "small batch" and "high quality" when compared with other spirits on the market.  And while we believe it to be true, what really matters is what our customers believe.  So when we opened our distillery tasting room, our philosophy was to showcase our spirits by having a limited but well thought out cocktail menu.  While people often sample spirits straight, vodka, gin and whiskey are by definition quite strong...each is federally mandated to be at least 40% alcohol by volume.  And so we create what we feel are "signature" cocktails for each of our spirits for people to enjoy in the tasting room.  Enter Josh, our tasting room manager, marketing coordinator, and mixologist extrodinaire.  Every two weeks, Josh creates a featured cocktail, "showcasing" one of our main spirits.  And he is good at it!

make every day a celebration!

If you follow River Bend on Facebook, you have no doubt seen our cocktail features.  Each is sampled ahead of time by our management team (yes, it is a tough job), tweaked if needed, and carefully photographed.  I hope if you have tried any of them, you will agree they are as tasty as they are beautiful.  The spirit itself is neither overwhelming nor covered up, the citrus is always fresh squeezed, and the mixes are most often hand made.  This week the featured cocktail is a Singapore Sling, and you will feel as though you are in the tropics.  As we head into fall, features like the Craftsman Caramel Apple reflect the cooler weather.  Come December, you will see cocktails that are creamy and warm like the White Christmas.  A few our our recipes are so special we keep them proprietary, but most often if you try a featured cocktail you really love, Josh will tell you just how to make it at home.  With Craftsman spirits of course!

Until next time...Cheers!